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DIY gift ideas: the mosaic kit

DIY gift ideas: the mosaic kit

Are you looking for the perfect gift for DIY, applied arts and do-it-yourself lovers but run out of ideas? The In Tessere mosaic school has created practical and fun tools for learning the art of mosaic independently: DIY mosaic kit

Christmas gift box for mosaic hobbyist and mosaicist

Our mosaic kits are excellent DIY gift ideas for lovers of art, crafts and mosaic. Each kit comes with VIDEO-TUTORIAL, a real lesson in which the various steps to follow in order to proceed in the construction of the chosen mosaic are explained step by step.

Why give away our mosaic kits at Christmas

Each mosaic kit is handcrafted and contains all the tools necessary to translate the chosen image into a real mosaic: pre-cut marble tiles, pliers, pincers, mosaic net, adhesive mortar, illustrated guide (various languages) and everything you need to transform yourself into a mosaicist!

Discover all the mosaic kits available!

The practical video tutorial (viewable on our Youtube channel, exclusive access via link sent at the time of purchase) will help the aspiring mosaicist build his mosaic work step by step through clear and exhaustive explanations and images.

mosaic art and craft gift

The video tutorial has audio in Italian and subtitles in other multilingual languages: English, Spanish, French and German.

lit craft mosaic crafty gift idea

Creative DIY gift ideas for beginners and expert mosaicists

Our mosaic kit, even the customized one, contains:

  • hand-cut marble tiles;
  • n. 1 pincer;
  • n. 1 spatula;
  • n. 1 drawing of the chosen work;
  • n. 1 fiberglass mesh;
  • n. 1 glue;
  • no. 1 sheet of cling film;
  • n. 1 illustrated paper guide (in Italian, English, French, Spanish or German) with an explanation of all the steps to follow for the creation of the chosen mosaic;
  • n. 1 online video tutorial (without viewing limits) with multilingual subtitles.

Construction technique: direct technique, an ancient technique to build mosaics following the design placed under the mosaic net.

Christmas 2022 for those who love art and the handmade world

The In Tessere mosaic school has created many mosaic kits with various subjects taken from the mosaic tradition but also contemporary.

Traditional subjects of the Roman or Byzantine mosaic , images of the famous mosaics of Pompeii or Aquileia.

For those who love contemporary art instead we find subjects of modern and contemporary inspiration such as the self-portrait by Van Gogh or the famous Dora Maar by Picasso, the face of Frida Khalo to be made in mosaic.

Give a mosaic kit with a subject of your choice

An excellent DIY gift idea for mosaic art lovers is a personalized mosaic kit, that is, created from a subject of your choice, your photo or an image you like.

The customized kits are made upon request and are equipped with all the tools for making the mosaic: tools, utensils and marble tiles, video tutorials and multilingual illustrated guides.

To request a customized mosaic kit, just send us an email with the image to be translated into mosaic we will ship the kit within a few days of your request.

Personalized DIY gift ideas

Among the personalized mosaic kits we have the Dog Kit and the Cat Kit : starting from the photo of your pet, we translate the image into an executive drawing and compose the mosaic kit to then be able to build it yourself.

Note on the marbles of the custom mosaic kit

We try to find marbles that have colors as similar as possible to the tones in your photo, but we must specify that it is impossible to find the same colors.

As with any kit, even the personalized mosaic gift ideas will be accompanied by hand-cut marble tiles in a color similar (but not identical) to the color of the chosen image, but this is the beauty of artistic craftsmanship!

Some examples of custom mosaic kits we have made

mosaic DIY gift ideas
cat mosaic kit DIY gift ideas

Handcrafted Christmas gifts

Giving handicraft and artistic handicraft products as a gift is a way to support an economic sector that works every day with the aim of safeguarding and spreading traditional techniques and knowledge.

Handmade Christmas gifts are therefore a double gift: a gift made with the heart and created by skilled hands that use traditional tools to create objects, and in this case mosaic kits, with attention to the smallest details, handcrafted and unique.

asaroton fishbone mosaic

More than 1000 kits sold since 2022

hands making a mosaic with a DIY mosaic kit for adults

Our mosaic craft kits are great Christmas gift ideas for anyone who loves arts, crafts, DIY and DIY.

They are practical tools specially designed for both beginners and experts to learn or enjoy the ancient mosaic art.

Many subjects of traditional or modern inspiration or personalized mosaics to create during the Christmas holidays!

In addition to the mosaic kits, you can give gift certificates and mosaic courses in Italy or online.

Find out more about our training offer!

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