Primo piano del contenuto del box attrezzi per mosaico professionale In Tessere

Make mosaics professionally

With our mosaic tools, you can create extraordinary artistic mosaics using exclusive professional tools and equipment.

In our store, you'll find essential tools for mosaic art suitable for both beginners and experts. Premium tools for crafting unique mosaic works.

Our mosaic tools for beginners and experts are the best option for creating high-quality mosaics wherever you want!

  • Una mano tiene un box attrezzi e strumenti per mosaico artistico, un set strumenti professionali per mosaico

    Mosaic tool cases

    Different types of professional tools for mosaic art sets to create mosaics in marble and ceramic. Boxes complete with everything needed to create artistic mosaics in any style.

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  • Foto del campionario marmi della scuola In tessere che presenta rettangoli di marmo con nome e codice accanto. Il campionario è posizionato su uno sfondo verde mela e un mosaico realizzato sui toni scuri.

    Samples of our marbles

    A very useful tool for making mosaics in a professional manner. A complete sample of all the marbles and natural stones available for purchase in our online shop.

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  • Wooden easel for mosaic

    A practical tool for creating direct technique mosaics in a vertical position.

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  • Ceramic cutting tools

    We have all the necessary tools for cutting mosaic materials such as marble, ceramic and glass, professional tools for quality cuts. Ask for a tile cutter for mosaics tile or a glass mosaic tile cutter.

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1 product

1 product

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