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PERSONALIZED mosaic kit, choose the subject

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With materials and tools + detailed instructions + video tutorials

The Customized mosaic kit is a personalized mosaic kit, handcrafted by hand in the laboratory of the In Tessere mosaic school (Italy) with the highest quality materials.

Enter the number you need at checkout: we will prepare your personalized mosaic kit

The kit contains :

  • 1 complete set with materials and equipment to carry out the chosen work,
  • various drawings and schemes to facilitate the execution of the mosaic,
  • 1 illustrated manual in PDF relating to the chosen construction technique with a detailed explanation of the various steps to carry out the project.
  • 1 online video tutorial accessible via link.

    Construction technique: Direct

    Two formats available:

    • 40 x 50 cm approximately (dimensions may vary slightly depending on the photo/image sent).
    • 50 x 60 cm approximately (dimensions may vary slightly depending on the photo/image sent).
    • For all other dimensions we reserve the right to estimate depending on the difficulty and size of the work.

    Marble, glass or ceramic tiles

    Tile size: L 1 x D 1 cm // L 0.39" x W 0.39"

    IMPORTANT: the colors of the marbles present in the kits are always similar but never identical to those shown in the photo or represented in the preparatory drawing. This slight variation lies in its geological formation characteristics (read notes on colors).


      The mosaic kit that will be shipped contains:

      • various bags with cards divided by color,
      • 1 tongs for cutting tiles,
      • 1 bag with glue powder,
      • 1 bag of marble dust (only for DIRECT TECHNIQUE),
      • 1 bag of rough coat (only for "A fragment" kits,
      • 1 silicone bowl to prepare the glue,
      • 1 measuring spoon for glue,
      • 1 spatula for mixing the glue,
      • 1 metal spatula to spread the glue,
      • 1 tweezers,
      • 1 drawing of the chosen work in 1 to 1 scale,
      • 1 drawing of the chosen work with the indication of the color areas (indication of the colors that make up the drawing by number),
      • 1 drawing of the work in reduced format,
      • 1 fiberglass mesh,
      • 1 sheet of cling film,
      • 1 bag of acrylic resin or marble reviver (only present in MARBLE mosaic kits)
      • 1 illustrated PDF guide (in Italian, English, French, Spanish or German) with a step-by-step explanation of how to create the chosen mosaic,
      • 1 online video tutorial (without viewing limits) with multilingual subtitles.


      Online video tutorial included!

      A 10 minutes of video lesson in which the mosaic teacher and artist Tiziana Mondini illustrates and explains step by step how to create your customized mosaic with the chosen technique.

      Italian audio

      Subtitles EN-FR-DE-ES


      The colors of the materials presented in the photos are indicative only. The marbles, enamels and ceramic tiles sent with the kit will have similar colors but never identical to those in the photos.

      Marble, for example, being a natural stone, is an opaque color and will never have the same gradation of tone as another. Each slab is a unique piece.


      Illustrated PDF guide available in various languages:


      The choice of language must be made before placing the product in the cart.

      • Audio video-tutorial: Italian.
      • Video-tutorial subtitles in various languages.


      All mosaic kits are handmade and prepared by us lt our workshop in Narni, home of our school (Italy).

      We manually cut all the tesserae and carefully prepare each kit.


      We ship throughout Italy, Europe and the rest of the world.

      Preparation of the kit: 2/3 days from the date of the order.

      Shipping: 3/5 days from the date of the order.

      Delivery times depending on the destination (between 5 and 10 working days).

      24/7 ASSISTANCE

      Assistance via email during the entire duration of the course and the subsequent creation of the mosaic are included in the price.

      For assistance you can:

      • send us an email to
      • contact us via WhatsApp (+39) 347 12 25 550
      • Step 1

        Photo or drawing to start from

        Send us the photo of the subject from which to create your personalized mosaic kit.
        From here we will transform the image sent into a preparatory sketch for the mosaic with the design of the tiles with the study of the patterns already indicated.

      • Step 2

        Preparatory drawing

        Once the preparatory drawing has been approved, we will begin to cut the tiles and prepare all the materials necessary to carry out the work independently.

        The tiles are cut by hand and have irregular dimensions precisely for artistic cutting with a knife and hammer.

        The colors of the marbles will never be identical to those shown in the preparatory design but we will provide you with a color guide to use the right marble tile in every point of your mosaic.

      • Step 3

        Preparation of the kit and sending by courier

        Once the customized mosaic kit has been sent, we will send you the tracking number, the in-depth guide with all the steps to follow to create your mosaic work and the link to access the video tutorial.

        Remember to tell us the language for the manual

      We create the preparatory drawing with the indication of the trends

      Included in the personalized ONLINE VIDEO COURSE kit

      Each personalized mosaic kit is accompanied by an exclusive online mini-course in which the art teacher and mosaic teacher Tiziana Mondini will guide you step by step in the creation of your mosaic.

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews
      What an amazing experience!

      I purchased two custom kits and I was very pleased! I completed my first kit and enjoyed an amazing experience. The videos were very helpful. The kits are amazing, and the support was always just an email away. You have to try this amazing art form! You'll fall in love and enjoy it! I promise! Thank you for such great kits and support!!!!

      Wonderful experience and great product

      I had an idea to create a large panoramic mosaic of an anchor cemetery (Cemitério das âncoras )on Praia do Barril, in the Algarve of Portugal.

      I received excellent advice and support throughout the process, from selecting the image to creating the mosaic and fixing it to the wall. I highly recommend!

      For a video of my project, see this link:


      I wasn 't expecting such a great experience and product. I always wanted to make a Roman mosaic even though I have never tried this technique before. the kit and the tutorial were very simple to understand. the process of making is hard and I still need to learn a lot, but as a first experience I can say that I am satisfied. The only problem was that I finished some brown marble that I needed to finish a part of mosaic , so I used another shade of colour.

      Anna Fröhlich
      I love it!

      I ordered two mosaics based on pictures painted by my 4 and 6 years old children. Intessere prepared the sets perfectly! The mosaic work is not so easy for me but it makes a lot of fun and we are happy about the individual art works. Thanks a lot!


      Mai visti kit così belli