Mosaic Tools: the complete mosaic tool kit

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Explore the possibilities with our Mosaic Tool Kit with professional and high quality tools for cutting, creating mosaics, placing tiles and more.

This complete set includes:

  • Mosaic wheeled nippers for precise cutting of enamel and ceramic tiles
  • Nippers for marble tiles
  • Tweezers for handling smaller tiles and tesserae with precision
  • Professional mosaic hammer featuring carbide cutting edges for clean and precise cuts. One edge is steel for marble, the other is widia for enamel and ceramic.
  • Steel splitting wedge designed for use with the mosaic hammer
  • Three different spatulas to facilitate adhesive application
  • Samples of available marble colors from our shop for easy selection
  • 3 kg pack of adhesive suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, catering to marble, enamel, and ceramic tiles
  • Fiberglass net roll (1x1 mt), an essential for mosaic work
  • Fixative and revitalizing agent (acrylic resin, 100 gr) to ensure your mosaics stay vibrant and intact.

This complete set of professional mosaic tools is designed to equip both beginners and seasoned artists with everything needed for exceptional mosaic artistry.

Explore endless creativity with our Mosaic Tools Kit. From mosaic cutting tools to professional-grade supplies, this set is perfect tools kit for beginners and seasoned artisans alike. Elevate your mosaic art with precision and ease using our curated collection of top-quality mosaic tools and equipment. Whether it's mosaic glass supplies or essential tools for your art, our mosaic tool set has you covered.

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