• Professional tools and materials

    Each mosaic kit includes a complete set of professional mosaic tools and all the necessary materials to create your mosaic artwork. Unique drawings and schemes to guide you thought the artistic process.

  • Online video tutorial

    An exclusive online video lesson with all the steps to perform the chosen mosaic work. Pre-recorded lesson in which the mosaics' master Tiziana Mondini guides you through the creation of your mosaic step by step.

  • Exclusive in-depth manual (various languages)

    Included in the mosaic kit is 1 in-depth manual created by our school in PDF (various languages ​​available) with a detailed explanation of all the steps to perform to create a mosaic work with the chosen technique.

  • Drawing of the work with color number

    Each kit is accompanied by a drawing of the chosen work with an indication of the colors of the material to be used in each individual area of ​​the mosaic. Each number shown on the drawing corresponds to one of the bags of cards in the kit.

All our mosaic kit

Mosaic kits for beginners and experts with professional materials and tools and video-tutorial to build a real mosaic wherever you are!

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32 products

Custom subject mosaic kit

We create customized mosaic kits starting from your idea, photo or image. Standard sizes: 40x50 cm or 50x60 cm creating a mosaic kit based on the image sent. It is also possible to request a quotation for different size and/or any variations or implementation of the sent drawing (price will reflect the amount of hours of working to create the draft drawing and kit).

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mani che compongono un mosaico con un kit mosaico fai de te per adulti

Mosaic kit for beginners and experts

Practical and fun, the mosaic kits for adults are suitable both for beginners who approach the art of mosaic for the first time, and for expert mosaicists.

The mosaic kit production of the In Tessere school is made entirely by hand.

The marble tesserae are cut using a cutter and a hammer and the various processing phases follow the creative processes of the ancient tradition of the art of mosaics.

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ritratto del fauno eseguito a mosaico

From tradition to contemporaneity

Our mosaic kits draw inspiration from art history, referring to ancient mosaic styles, such as Roman and Byzantine, but also modern and contemporary.

They are the only kits created by an art school to study the art of mosaic in its internal grammar.

With our mosaic kits it is possible to learn and deepen the study of trends, the manual cutting of tiles and mosaic plugs and the various types of mosaic techniques.

Portrait of the Faun Kit

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Collection: Roman Mosaic: Roman mosaic kits

Roman Mosaic: kit for creating icons and works inspired by classical Roman art

Roman mosaic kits are a fun way to recreate very old and beautiful millennial art. These kits include everything you need to create your own Roman mosaic, including tesserae (small pieces of marble), tools for cutting and shaping the tiles, glue, an illustrated guide and a video lesson to learn how to create a mosaic step by step. Roman.

The kits are accompanied by drawings of the chosen work, which users can follow, thus facilitating the creation of the mosaic. Creating a Roman mosaic can be a fun and educational activity for all ages and can provide hands-on experience in Roman art and culture. Additionally, Roman mosaic kits can be a great way to create decorative art for the home or as a gift.